Total Commander 6.56 나왔습니다(긴급버그패치)

Total Commander 7 베타나 Total Commander 6.55 버전 대상으로, 특수상황에서 RAR 파일을 다른 포멧 압축파일로 재압축시 일부 데이터가 사라지는 버그가 있어 긴급 패치가 올라왔습니다.

RAR관련 압축이 문제가 많았던 모양이군요. Total Commander를 쓰고 계신 분이라면 빨리 버전업을 하시는게 좋을 것 같습니다.

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자세한 변경내력은 아래를 참조하세요.

01.01.07 Release Total Commander 6.56 final
01.01.07  Fixed: USB stick detection from TC7 ported to TC 6.56
01.01.07  Fixed: Re-reading of Network Neighborhood on Vista could cause access violations
01.01.07  Fixed: Overlay icons not shown for font scalings other than 96 dpi (only seems to affect Vista)

30.12.06 Release Total Commander 6.56 beta 1
29.12.06  Fixed: Re-packing files from a subdirectory of a RAR archive with external unrar to another archive could corrupt the temp dir and delete the wrong files
24.12.06  Fixed: Support TortoiseSVN overlay icons also on Vista
20.12.06  Added: Include newer unrar.dll because old dll doesn't seem to handle some new rar files
24.11.06  Fixed: Some regular expressions could cause a stack overflow (infinite recursion because nothing is found) -> limit recursion depth to 2000
19.11.06  Fixed: Unpack from RAR may fail with read error for RAR files >2GB
08.11.06  Fixed: FTP client: Show *** in log file for account password (ACCT command)
13.09.06  Fixed: Unpack each archive to separate subdir not working properly if no target path was given at all

by NuRi | 2007/01/10 09:54 | 트랙백 | 덧글(2)

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Commented by 곰부릭 at 2007/01/10 22:33
저! 보노보노 좋아해요! 아하하하하하~
(왠지 죄송 ㅋ)
Commented by NuRi at 2007/01/11 06:41
곰부릭 : ^^ 괜찮답니다~ 보노보노는 좋지요~

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